#105 Vacation alias optional


I use postfixadmin together with Exim (hope this is not a heresy :)) and i really really really don't need all those vacation aliases. Is it possible to add a config option to switch em off so it wont be needed to edit code every time postfixadmin updates? Tyvm.


  • No, Exim is not heresy ;-) and I'm happy to hear that PostfixAdmin works with it. (I'd even welcome a howto for our wiki - if you want to write one ;-) I can also give you write permissions in the wiki if you want.)

    About your request: Do I understand you correctly that with Exim vacation works without having the alias user#example.com@autoreply.example.com in the alias table? So you just need the entry in the vacation table?

    Adding a config option to not include the vacation alias shouldn't be too hard, but I'm afraid the devil is in the details. Currently VacationHandler and AliasHandler detect the vacation status based on the alias - yes, technically it's a bug, but it works and nobody changed it until now ;-) (On the positive side, list-virtual checks the 'active' field in the vacation table.)