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#102 Domain-wide vacation message...

Vacation (11)

I have been requested to be able to enable/disable a domain-wide vacation message for times when the entire company closes - ie, like for the Christmas holidays.

This would be a generic message informing the sender that our company is closed for the holidays, and would *not* need to be personalized.

Is this a reasonable feature request for postfixadmin vacation?


  • Alexander

    If your server support sieve - It is just a few strings in global sieve scrips.
    Be really careful with Vacation auto-responder. Some systems don't like when it got automated respond(Library notification system for example that inform about due day and ask don't replay to automated notifications). One more problem with auto-responder - when hackers/spammers send forged emails that will trick mail server(use Reply-to) to respond to different emails that will report your mail server as spam and banned for that. Another problem is respond to spam, - it is exactly what they expect. BTW, if you will use sieve there is an option that control how often to replay to the same address that protect from mail loop, 7 days is a good period for this feature IMHO.