problem on CentOS

  • wonder_in

    postfixadmin 2.3
    Cannot configure

    Vacation log show this:

    DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/ main:: - Script argument SMTP recipient is : '' and smtp_sender : ''

    DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/ main:: - Email headers have to: '' and From: 'Vlad <>'

    DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/ main::find_real_address - Looking for alias records that '' resolves to with vacation turned on

    DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/ main::find_real_address - Looking for alias domain for / /

    DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/ main::find_real_address - Looking for domain level aliases for / /

    DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/ main::find_real_address - No domain level alias present for / /

    DEBUG> /var/spool/vacation/ main:: - SMTP recipient which resolves to  does not have an active vacation (rv: 0, email: )

  • Phil Stevens
    Phil Stevens

    Same problem here. Did you ever resolve this? Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry for the late reply ;-)

    I'd guess you did not set $vacation_domain correctly in the vacation config. It has to match the value of $CONF['vacation_domain'] in config.*.php.