Cannot create superadmin

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    I've been through the setup process (Postfix Admin 2.3 rc7) and all seems fine, when I go to setup.php, I get the following:

        Running software:
        PHP version 5.2.9  Apache/2.2.13 (Fedora)  Checking for dependencies:
        Magic Quotes: Disabled - OK 
        Depends on: presence - OK 
        Checking $CONF - OK 
        Depends on: MySQL 3.23, 4.0 - OK 
        Depends on: MySQL 4.1 - OK 
        Testing database connection - OK - mysqli://postfixadmin:xxxxx@/postfixadmin
        Depends on: session - OK 
        Depends on: pcre - OK 
        Depends on: multibyte string - OK 
        Depends on: IMAP functions - OK 
        Everything seems fine… attempting to create/update database structure
        Database is up to date

    When I try to create a superadmin, I use the password I used for setup (not the hash itself) and then use:

    1. admin
    2. password

    Next I click "Add Admin"

    The page then refreshed and shows the same information as above, with no login box and the following at the bottom of the page:

        Invalid query: Field 'description' doesn't have a default value

    When I go to login.php and attempt to login, I'm told that my username and password are incorrect.

    Also, the only table which seems to have any rows in it is the config table and even that only has the version info in it.

    I suspect a MySQL issue but don't know where to start, please help!


  • I wonder a bit about this error message at admin creation - the relevant tables (admin and domain_admin) don't even have a "description" field. (Did you manually add a field to one of those tables?)

    It could be that inserting the dummy domain "ALL" in the domain table causes this error. You can test this by manually inserting a row in the domain table - domain = "ALL", everything else at default values (empty or 0). Does admin creation work after adding the row manually?

    BTW: The config table is expected to contain only the (database) version.

  • equ

    I cannot create superadmin account - error "Admin is not a valid email address!" I try to create different names and e-mail addresses but this error is not disappear.
    What name is correct? Help, pls!
    Thanks in advance!

  • In postfixadmin's default config, a valid mail address needs to contain a valid domain part which is resolvable by your nameserver. "admin@server.local" won't work, "" (or @aonther existing domain) should work.

    If you see the error message while using a valid domain name, check if your nameserver (see /etc/resolv.conf) can resolv the domain correctly.

    If everything failes, set $CONF='NO' - but  be warned that postfix etc. depend on a working nameserver…