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Unable to Log In

  • Jason Harrison
    Jason Harrison

    Went through the setup. The setup page says all is "Ok". Setup the setup password and placed the hashed version in the config file. Tried to setup a superuser and when clicking the "Add Admin" button the page refreshes, but fails to provide any positive feedback on success or failure. At the bottom of the page the following is displayed:

    Invalid query: Field 'description' doesn't have a default value

    This is Postfix Admin 2.3.6.

    Noticed there is a bug ticket for this issue also.

    When checking db tables, the admin table is not populated with any info, so unable to log in and use Postfix Admin at the moment. Still trying to determine a work around until this issue is addressed.

    If anyone has any info that may help that would be greatly appreciated.

    If I stumble across a workaround or fix in the meantime, I'll be sure to post it back here.