problems integration postfixadmin with squirrelmail postfixadmin plugin - failed login to xmlrpc instance

  • cosmita


    I have installed postfixadmin 2.3.6 and im using squirrelmail vacation plugin.

    I already configured as below:

    $CONF['xmlrpc_enabled'] = true;

    $CONF['vacation'] = 'YES';
    $CONF['vacation_control'] ='YES';
    $CONF['vacation_control_admin'] = 'YES';

    on postfixadmin squirrelmail config

    global $AllowVacation;
    $AllowVacation = true;

    and YES i have
    $CONF['xmlrpc_url'] = 'http://my-domain/xmlrpc.php';

    I'm using PHP 5.3 with xmlrpc module already installed, zendframework1 but when im login to squirrelmail and then to vacation i can put password but then i got

    Failed to login to xmlrpc instance

    dont know what can be wrong, i was trying everything :) maybe some of You have same problems and solved it?

    let me know

  • GingerDog

    1. You need to use 2.3.7 - there were bugs in 2.3.6 which would stop/break xmlrpc.

    2. If it doesn't work with 2.3.7, check the apache error log and php error log.

  • GingerDog

    Being on the same server shouldn't be a problem (this is what I do).

    But to confirm :

    1. The Zend framework is installed, and exists as 'Zend' in the squirrelmail/plugins/postfixadmin directory.
    2. You have installed php5-xmlrpc or equivalent, and 'xmlrpc' shows in the output of 'php -m' ?
    3. The error message above ("Failed to login to xmlrpc instance") is triggered by an exception (see line 50ish within the plugin). Version 2.3.7 of Postfixadmin (and the plugin) have a fix for this so it should show something better - specifically the exception message. Please make sure you're running the latest code from Postfixadmin 2.3.7 / ADDITIONS / squirrelmail-plugin. Specifically, line 51 of should read: "error_log("Failed to login to xmlrpc instance - " . $e->getMessage());" I'm guessing yours is missing the brackets on getMessage() as it isn't including anything else there.


  • cosmita


    Thanks for reply, i have investigate this and...

    1. Yes i have xmlrpc installed
    2. Here even from 2.3.7 version was incorrect code (thank You)

    on my was
    error_log("Failed to login to xmlrpc instance - " . $e->getMessage);

    i've corrected as You told me to:
    error_log("Failed to login to xmlrpc instance - " . $e->getMessage());

    and i have more detailed log from apache2
    Failed to login to xmlrpc instance - Passed parameter is not a valid HTTP URI., referer: https://mydomain/plugins/postfixadmin/postfixadmin_vacation.php

    so still dont know what is wrong, i have Debian distro and zend framework is installed from .deb

    maybe on xmlrpc.php i should change

    and put path do Zend?
    /usr/share/php/Zend/XmlRpc/Server.php ?????