the EMAIL is not valid

  • Lewis Butler
    Lewis Butler

    I have a new domain name that is 21 characters long (plus the .com at the end makes it 24).  When trying to add an email for this domain, I get an error: The EMAIL is not Valid

    This is not the same issue as the thread titled "The EMAIL is not valid!"

    There's no special characters at all in either the username portion or the domain (the user name is 'sales' and the domain was already accepted by PFA).

    I don't see anything in the preg_match that would cause this to fail.

    ah... I've just figured it out, but am leaving the message for others.  PFA checks the domain records.  While I've setup the DNS just now, I have not restarted named.  Restarting named fixed this.  A better error is suggested.  Perhaps "NO MX found for domain".

    I am still having the folder creation problem in thread <> though, if anyone wants to jump in.

    • Mischa

      I guess you are running the SVN version then ;)