display error ?

  • J.Kruis


    I think I have encountered some display errors .

    The first problem was that the buttons for ,
    create new domains, email, fetchmail and admins are placed outside the text box
    for this I have already submitted a patch but it has not been processed.

    Since the last svn update relating to the css for the status messages (flash)
    there is another problem came.

    In the edit-vacation and user-vacation the icon for the calander function are display inside the "pfa box".
    The calendar functions are now under the PFA  box and if you have to  scrolls to it , the function vanishing  compled

    After the change for the css all the  variables for vacation are displayed in the table of "textaera" except the two variables "active from" and "activeunit"
    I have already try to fix it but i dont had any luck .

    I work with a mac but have problems with safari and firefox chrome.

  • I know about your patch ;-) and you probably know that I don't really have time to handle it…
    In the meantime it might be obsoleted by Dale's big patch (he added a <div id='container'> to limit the width), but I'll have to check that.

    Regarding the problems you mentioned: I can't reproduce them with a clean checkout of SVN trunk r1134 (+ config.local.php with my settings). If you have the same revision, can you please provide a screenshot showing the issue? (If you have an older SVN checkout, please update it first - there were lots of changes in the last days.)

  • J.Kruis

    Hi christian,

    I have found my error.

    I had set my own css in my config.local.php which i copy into the new version.( sorry shame on me !!)

    thank for your quick reply.

    regrades Jan Kruis

  • J.Kruis

    yes this one is closed

    Regrades Jan