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Commit [r1425] Maximize Restore History

MailboxHandler.php: add (nearly) everything for creating a mailbox

(TODO: generating random passwords - when this is done, MailboxHandler
can replace create-mailbox.php)

- initStruct():
- make 'username' a 'mail' field (doesn't really change anything at
the moment)
- make 'maildir' editable on $new
- init(): minor cleanup
- validate_new_id(): error out early if check_email() fails
- beforestore():
- convert quota from MB to bytes - previously in setmore()
- on $new, create mailbox alias
- storemore(): run mailbox_postcreation(), send_welcome_mail() and
create_mailbox_subfolders() on $new
- add send_welcome_mail()
- _field_quota(): return true on success (otherwise it's interpreted
as invalid value)
- add _missing_local_part(), _missing_domain() and _missing_maildir()
to fill those fields on $new
- remove add() because all the code moved to the functions mentioned
Known regression: this breaks CLI create mailbox for now

christian_boltz 2013-02-04

changed /trunk/model/MailboxHandler.php
/trunk/model/MailboxHandler.php Diff Switch to side-by-side view