#295 please update CHANGELOG.TXT

Tom Blocker

Im am using SVN version at revision 1496.
The last update in CHANGELOG.TXT is from 2009/12/26. At the moment I dont know what was fixed when I push a new SVN version.


  • Good to know there's someone out there reading the changelog :-)

    The very short summary is: "(nearly) full rewrite".

    This also means there were lots of changes. I have a file with about 400 lines that contains the most important changes, but that's far more than normal users will read, and it does not even contain the last 200 commits.

    Shortening the changelog to a user-friendly length is on my ToDo list, but not at the top of it. (If you want to help shortening the changelog, I can send you what I have.)

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • I finally(!) updated CHANGELOG.TXT - SVN trunk r1607.

    Some sections still need to be checked, but the big update is done. After doing this, we'll have the biggest beta release blocker fixed ;-)