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Version 2.3.0Beta2
December 7, 2007

This is the second and final Beta release of version 2.3.0,
leading up to an expected Release Candidate at the end of next
week. We are in the final stages of the release cycle now, so
beta testers are urged to please send us their feedback as soon
as possible. This is a bug fix release, and so very few new
features have been added since Beta 1.

One highlight of this Beta 2 release is the following:

Job Costing
- Added Job Item Type
- Designed for ad-hoc Work Orders
- Operates outside Standard Costs
- WIP posts to COGS on shipment
- Additional Job Cost reporting


The following features and bug fixes have been added to the
applications since the release of version 2.3.0Beta1:

New Features:

* [Products] Added Job Costing Item Type and related
* [A/R] Added ability to enter negative amount in Misc. Charge
field on Invoice screen

Bug Fixes:

* [A/R] Added multi-currency logic to A/R Open Items list
* [Accounting] Made Return Authorization Credit Memo information
visible on the View Check Run screen
* [Accounting] Changed A/R Aging logic to use apply date if no
Journal exists
* [Accounting] Fixed issue preventing voiding of posted Checks
* [Accounting] Fixed issue where Tax on Select For Billing
screen was incorrect because selling UOM was not being factored
* [Accounting] Added missing A/P menu options to Purchase menu
in Neo menu
* [Community] Updated links in Community Menu
* [Inventory] Fixed issue with post function on Inventory
distribution screen not handling default Location properly
* [Inventory] Fixed issue preventing partial shipment of MLC
Items having Sales Reservation quantity
* [Inventory] Fixed issue resulting in SQL Error at Issue Stock
to Shipping
* [Inventory] Enabled printing of Transfer Orders before a
Shipment # has been assigned
* [Inventory] Forced Transfer Orders to close when all Line
Items are closed
* [Inventory] Updated Inventory Availability logic to include
SO Line Items using alternate UOMs
* [Inventory] Modified Inventory | Receiving | Return menu to
specify use for Purchase Order Returns
* [Inventory] Fixed Cost Categories master list report to
include TO Liability Clearing information
* [Products] Fixed issue where revision history was being
included when copying a BOO
* [Products] Fixed issue in 221 to 23alpha1 Conversion where
BOM/BOO links not preserved
* [Reports] Added UOM column to Pick List report definition
* [S/O] Prevented Shipping Asset Account from using wrong values
if Costs are changed while Order is at Shipping but not yet
* [S/O] Fixed Windows-only issue preventing use of S/O Credit
Memo screen in the case where override numbers were allowed and
the cursor was on the C/M Number by default
* [Sales] Fixed problem in client that was causing
cobmisc_invcdate on Select Order For Billing screen to be unset
* [Sales] Updated Quote report definition to include UOM,
multi-currency, and correct related totaling
* [Sales] Added UOM column to Uninvoiced Shipments screen
* [Sales] Improved wording on insufficient inventory error
message at Sales Order entry
* [Sales] Fixed loophole leading to dead end when Return
Authorization Item is closed
* [Sales] Fixed issue where unauthorized Return Authorization
Lines were showing as eligible for receipt
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing Checks from being processed
to pay Return Authorization Credit Memos
* [Sales] Added Currency information to Return Authorization
* [Sales] Updated "0 Value” message on Unposted Invoices screen
to check for Misc. and Freight charges before giving warning
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing issuing of non-reserved qty.
on Sales Orders having reserved qty.
* [Sales] Fixed issue where sufficient inventory function was
subtracting reserved qty. twice
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing Sales Reservations for
complete unreserved qty.
* [Sales] Added missing privileges to update script to enable
Sales Reservations
* [Sales] Fixed typo on Sales Config | Returns tab
* [Sales] Automatically Update option on List Open Sales Orders
screen does not remember its setting
* [Sales] Removed word “Material” when referring to Return
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing Returns if no Reason Code
* [Sales] Fixed tab sequence on Return Authorization Line Item
* [Sales] Added Print S/A Special Calendar Form option to Neo
* [Sales] Added UOM detail to Sales Order Status report
* [Sales] Fixed error received when posting a Replace Upon
Receipt Return Authorization
* [Sales] Fixed issue where Return Authorization payment
status was not being updated properly when payment complete
* [Sales] Added additional filtering for closed S/O Line Items
to Inventory Availability by Customer Type screen
* [Sales] Updated Return Authorization Workbench to identify
Credit Memos created from RAs which have pending payments
* [Sales] Fixed issue where Return Authorization pricing was
not honoring S/O Item UOM
* [Schedule] Fixed error received when attempting to view
Running Availability for Purchased Items from Planned Orders
by Planner Code screen
* [Schedule] Updated error message to more clearly explain
why Work Centers cannot be deleted
* [System] Improves server maintenance utility to add reindex
* [System] Successfully imported XML files are given unique
names when renaming them instead of trying to overwrite
previously-imported files with the same name
* [System] Fixed commission mismatch between api.custshipto
and Ship-To Screen
* [System] Fixed issue generating error when importing Yahoo
Store data using MSXSL.exe
* [W/O] Prevented creation of Work Orders for inactive Items
* [Manufacture] Required Work Order Components to use the
parent WIP Account when scrapping from a Work Order
* [Manufacture] Fixed Running Availability screen to correctly
calculate Sales Order Item UOM qty.
* [Manufacture] Required Work Order Components to use the
parent WIP Account when returning stock from a Work Order
* [Manufacture] Updated Return W/O Material Item screen to
handle UOM conversions
* [Manufacture] Fixed issue causing error message when
scrapping W/O Components

Release Notes
xTuple Applications
OpenMFG - PostBooks
Version 2.3.0Beta1
November 20, 2007

This is the first Beta release of version 2.3.0, marking the end of
new feature development for this release cycle. We move now into
refining, testing, and bug fixing mode leading up to the final release.

Highlights of this Beta release include the following:

Sales Order Reservations
- Added Sales Order configuration metric to "Enable Reservations"
- Added Sales Order Item function to "Reserve" and "Unreserve" all or
part of an order qty based on a set of reservation netting rules
- Altered the Issue Stock to Shipping screen to disallow users from
issuing more material than is available based on reservation netting
- Added reports that show Sales Order Availability by Customer/Customer

Return Authorizations
- Enabled processing of Returns
- Ship, Issue Credits for Returns
- Import historical Sales Orders
- Return Authorization Workbench

Characteristic Templates
- User-defined templates make loading Characteristics easier


The following features and bug fixes have been added to the applications
since the release of version 2.3.0Alpha1:

New Features:

* [Accounting] Moved the "Maintain Vouchers" privilege from the
Purchasing function to the Accounting function
* [CRM] Added ability to create user-defined templates for
* [CRM] Add search capability to both List CRM Accounts and List Contacts
* [Manufacture] Added option to release only firmed orders from the
Planned Orders by Planner Code window.
* [Manufacture] Moved UOM field next to Total Qty Required field on
Issue W/O Material Item screen
* [Manufacture] Added ability to create Work Orders without a BOM
* [P/O] Added default dates to P/Rs by Planner Code screen
* [Sales] Modified Customer Information Workbench to show Invoices for
both $0 and non-$0 amounts on Invoices tab
* [Sales] Added check box to Open Sales Orders screen to enable automatic
* [System] Modified database Updater tool so updates will now be rolled
back when an error is encountered
* [System] Changed SoCommentsChanged Event to SoOrderNotesChanged Event
* [System] Reorganized Preferences screen
* [W/O] Added SUBMIT button to Work Order Operation Buffer Status By Work
Center screen

Bug Fixes:

* [A/P] Fixed SQL error encountered when preparing Check Run
* [A/R] Fixed Sales Credit Memos to calculate properly when amounts are
more precise than two decimal places
* [Accounting] Fixed SQL error encountered when correcting Receiving
* [Accounting] Fixed financial reports to only show zero amounts when
* [Inventory] Enabled Maximum Desired Cost above $999.00 on Item master
* [Inventory] Fixed issue preventing posting of PO Receipts tied to
Expense Categories
* [Inventory] Fixed Qty. field sizing issue in Mac client on Inventory
Adjustment screen
* [Inventory] Enabled shipping of Orders with only ShipOrders privilege
[Inventory] Fixed Sales Order screen to accurately reflect Qty. at
Shipping after recalling Orders
* [Manufacture] Fixed error received when scrapping components from a
Work Order
* [Products] Fixed blank output when printing Costed Indented BOM report
* [Products] Fixed issue where Revision Number was not visible on BOM if
accessed from BOM button on Item master
* [Products] Fixed issue with Revision control malfunction on copied BOMs
* [Products] Fixed issue where Product Revisions were enabled despite
Revision Control not being selected
* [Products] Fixed 221 to 23alpha1 conversion script to preserve BOM /
BOO link
* [Purchase] Fixed field sizing issues on PO Line Item screen
* [Purchase] Fixed issued where recv_vend_item_number and
recv_vend_item_descrip fields in recv table were not being populated
correctly when Receiving
* [Purchase] Fixed issue where Correct Receiving action was deleting
current Receiving Notes and not appending new Notes
* [S/O] Enabled Customer Discount% functionality on SO Line Item screen
in Mac client
* [Sales] Enabled Promise Date field on Sales Order Item screen
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing removal of Work Orders created from
Sales Orders
* [Sales] Fixed Locale date inconsistency in Promise Date field on Sales
Order Item screen
* [Sales] Fixed issue where Tax override at Sales Order Item entry was not
carrying through to invoicing
* [Sales] Fixed issue preventing Shipping Notes from being entered on the
Quote and Sales Order screens
* [Sales] Fixed issue with api.customer view saving wrong decimal
precision for commissions

Release Notes
xTuple Applications
OpenMFG - PostBooks
Version 2.3.0Alpha1
November 2, 2007

This is the first Alpha release of version 2.3.0. We are especially
interested in feedback from alpha testers on the following new areas
of functionality:

UOM Enhancements
- Extensive changes to normalize Unit of Measure handling/conversions
- New Selling UOM
- New UOM for Bill of Materials
- See issue #4963 in our issue tracker for a detailed spec

BOM/BOO Revisions
- Encompases Part III of Return Material Authorization (RMA) effort
- New Bill of Materials/Operations revision-tracking
- See issue #5771 for a detailed spec

Return Authorizations (Preview)
- Initial preview of Return Authorizations functionality
- Encompasses Part I of RMA effort
- See issue #4832 for a detailed spec

XML Data Import (Preview)
- Initial preview of XML import utility
- Uses XSLT mapping to transform XML for import into xTuple databases
- See issue #5886 for more information

Added UI configuration memory to
- Grid layouts
- Window Size/Position
- Checkboxes when enabled and where applicable

(NOTE: Checkboxes that remember their state are being temporarily
indicated by a small '?' symbol when checkbox memory is enabled in
user preferences. We would like additional feedback on windows where
this behavior should/shouldn't be included.)


The following features and bug fixes have been added to the applications
since the release of version 2.2.1:

New Features:

* [System] Memory for checkboxes
* [System] Hide menus that are disabled
* [A/P] GUI Memory
* [A/P] Can A/P (or A/R) 'As-Of' Reports be created?
* [A/R] Need open balance snapshot capability
* [CRM] Characteristics Template
* [CRM] Add ability to search both List CRM Accounts and List Contacts
* [G/L] Add Journal Entry to api schema
* [P/D] BOM uses Inventory UOM rather than Capacity UOM
* [P/O] P/R by Planner Code Default Dates
* [S/O] Copy billing address to credit card
* [W/O] Submit button on dspWoOperationBufrStsByWorkCenter

Bug Fixes:

* [All] CPU usage higher than expected
* [All] Minimize/Maximize window lost of displayed info
* [Inventory] cannot ship with only ship order privilege
* [Inventory] Qty at Shipping is not correct after recalling orders
* [Inventory] Can't Apply Maximum Desired Cost Over $999.00
* [Inventory] Qty field strangely oversized on Inv. Adjustment window
on Mac.
* [Inventory] Message popped up on issue stock to shipping screen
* [I/M] TO - Unable to Edit TO Head Comment
* [Manufacture] Cut off date field scrunched up on Mac on Release W/O
by Planner Code window
* [P/O] Contact w/no name gives error
* [Sales] tax override at sales order item entry does not carry through
to invoicing
* [Sales] Can not remove work order from sales order
* [Sales] Changed Customer Layout
* [Sales] Provide a way to enable the promise date capability in SO
* [System] setting the neo menus, and show menus/toolbars
* [System] Change SoCommentsChanged Event to SoOrderNotesChanged Event
* [System] Saving in Product Configuration turns on Routings in PostBooks

Posted by Ned Lilly 2007-12-07