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January/Feburary PostBooks training classes

We've locked in the week of January 28 for our next "101 - Intro to the xTuple Applications" class (www.xtuple.com/training101). This very popular user training is a time-tested session for partners and customers looking to get up to speed on the xTuple Applications; we start with a high-level introduction to ERP, then get into how OpenMFG and PostBooks track with standard concepts and practices, and quickly move into several days of hands-on work with the application itself.

We've also broken out three new classes:

* 102 - Reporting and Tools (3 days, www.xtuple.com/training102)
* 201 - New Release functionality, Advanced Topics (2 days, www.xtuple.com/training201)
* 202 - Developer Training with PostgreSQL and Qt (3 days, www.xtuple.com/training202)

We're hoping to offer one, maybe two of the above classes the following week of February 4. Please let us know which would be most interesting to you by voting in the user poll at www.xtuple.org, and RSVP or ask questions via email to training (at) xtuple.com.


Posted by Ned Lilly 2007-12-31