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    The "EnhancedTaxInternationalization" page has been changed by jrogelstad:


      =3D=3D=3D Tax Assignment =3D=3D=3D
    - The tax selection window will be renamed "tax assignment."  Tax codes wil=
    l become
    + The tax selection window will be renamed "tax assignment."  Multiple tax =
    codes will be able to be associated with a single tax assignment and will b=
    e listed on this window as pictured, however, the combination of tax author=
    ity and tax type must remain unique.  Therefore the screen should work simi=
    lar to other windows such as item site where if a tax authority and tax typ=
    e combination are selected that already exist, then that assignment record =
    and associated codes are automatically loaded.

    + =

    + The paradigm of associating tax codes to assignments will be similar to t=
    hat of contacts to CRM accounts.  Tax codes will not be able to be added un=
    til both a tax authority and tax type are selected.  The buttons will funct=
    ion as follows
    + =

    +  * Save - Saves the assignment
    +  * Cancel - Closes the window without saving
    +  * New - Opens the Tax Code window in dialog mode.  When the tax code win=
    dow is saved, it returns the of the tax code which becomes assigned to this=
    tax authority and type pair.
    +  * Edit - Opens the Tax Code window for editing.
    +  * Attach - Displays a list of tax codes. One may

      =3D=3D=3D Tax Authority =3D=3D=3D
    @@ -174, +182 @@

      What changes do we anticipate making to the database schema? New tables? =
    Views? Indexes?

      '''The new whatever-you-call-it table'''
    - ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Column Name''' ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN:=
    center">'''Description''' ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Data Type''' =
    ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Comments''' ||
    + ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Column Name''' ||<style=3D"text-align=
    : center;">'''Description''' ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Data Type'=
    '' ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Comments''' ||
      ||{{{}}}field1 ||Describe me ||data_type ||how it's used ||
      ||foreign_key ||Describe me ||integer ||foreign key to other_id ||
      ||enum_field ||Status or similar field ||character(1) ||Can take one of t=
    he following: <<BR>>* A value <<BR>>* Different Value <<BR>>* Final Value ||
    @@ -183, +191 @@



      What privileges do we need?
    - ||||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Privileges for feature''' ||
    + ||||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Privileges for feature''' ||
    - ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center">'''Name''' ||<style=3D"TEXT-ALIGN: center=
    ">'''Description''' ||
    + ||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Name''' ||<style=3D"text-align: cente=
    r;">'''Description''' ||
      ||!MaintainWhatever-you-call-it ||Can Add/Edit/Delete stuff ||
      ||!ViewWhatever-you-call-it ||Can View stuff ||