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      =3D 320to321.gz =3D
    + =3D=3D Check for duplicate purchase order numbers =3D=3D
    + Purchase Order records exist with duplicate numbers please ensure each Pu=
    rchase Order has a unique number.
    + Find the suspect pohead_numbers.
    + {{{
    + SELECT pohead_number, count(*) FROM pohead GROUP BY pohead_number HAVING =
    count(*) > 1;
    + For example PO Number 6000 was returned with a duplicate.}}}
    + From that returned list, get a pohead_id for one of the duplicates.
    + {{{
    + SELECT pohead_id FROM pohead WHERE pohead_number =3D '6000';
    + =

    +  pohead_id
    + -----------
    +    345
    +    346}}}
    + You should investigate the actual hardcopy PO before modifying, and let p=
    eople know there's been a number change.
    + Let's renumber one of the duplicates using the fetchponumber() function.
    + {{{
    + BEGIN;
    + UPDATE pohead SET pohead_number =3D (SELECT fetchponumber()) WHERE pohead=
    _id =3D 345;
    + COMMIT; If updated exactly 1 row, otherwise ROLLBACK;
    + }}}
      =3D=3D One or more A/R Open records (aropen) exist with null Due Dates. =
      One fix would be to add terms days to doc date to calculate due date.