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  • omfgppc

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    The "EnhancedTaxInternationalization" page has been changed by jrogelstad:

      A Tax Zone window will be created to create and edit tax zone records as =
    pictured.  Tax Zones should be unique and blank entries should not be allow=

       . {{attachment:taxZone.png|taxArea.png}}
    + =

      Several files should be changed to reference tax zone instead of tax auth=
    ority including: configureGL.ui, creditMemo.ui, customer.ui, invoice.ui, it=
    emtax.ui, prospect.cpp, returnAuthorization.ui, salesOrder.ui, selectOrderF=
    orBilling.ui, shipTo.ui,taxBreakdown.ui, transferOrder.ui, vendor.ui, vendo=
    rAddress.ui, warehouse.ui

      The metric for global default tax authority internally stored as "!Defaul=
    tTaxAuthority" should be renamed "!DefaultTaxZone."  The files that referen=
    ce this metric should be changed to accommodate the name change are configu=
    reGL.cpp and warehouse.cpp.
    @@ -398, +399 @@

      COMMENT ON COLUMN taxcum.taxcum_taxass_id IS 'The id of the parent tax as=
      COMMENT ON COLUMN taxcum.taxcum_cumulative_taxass_id IS 'The id of the ta=
    x assignment whose calculation will be added to the parent base price.';
    - =

      The following tables will need to be updated to include a taxzone column =
    as such:
    + =

      ALTER TABLE cmhead ADD COLUMN cmhead_taxzone_id integer REFERENCES taxzon=
    e (taxzone_id);
      ALTER TABLE cobmisc ADD COLUMN cobmisc_taxzone_id integer REFERENCES taxz=
    one (taxzone_id);
    @@ -418, +419 @@

      ALTER TABLE vohead ADD COLUMN vohead_taxzone_id integer REFERENCES taxzon=
    e (taxzone_id);
      ALTER TABLE whsinfo ADD COLUMN whsinfo_taxzone_id integer REFERENCES taxz=
    one (taxzone_id);
    - =

      These same tables should be populated with the existing taxauth_id into t=
    he taxzone_id on their respective records.  Finally, the taxauth_id on the =
    tables listed above should be dropped, with the exception of taxreg (tax re=
    - =

    - =


      What privileges do we need?
      ||||<style=3D"text-align: center;">'''Privileges for feature''' ||
    @@ -440, +438 @@


      =3D=3D Stored Procedure Changes =3D=3D
      The following functions will need to be altered to reference tax zone ins=
    tead of tax authority.  The old function should be renamed and replaced whe=
    re used in the application:
    + =

       * changecmheadtaxauth
       * changecobtaxauth
       * changeinvoicetaxauth
       * changequotetaxauth
       * changesotaxauth
       * changetotaxauth
    -  =

    + =

      The following functions need to be altered to reference the tax zone id i=
    nstead of tax authority id:
    + =

       * convertcustomertoprospect
       * convertprospecttocustomer
       * convertquote
    @@ -465, +465 @@

       * selectforbilling
       * selectuninvoicedshipment

    - =

      =3D=3D Performance Considerations =3D=3D
      How will this feature impact the performance of the application overall?