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    The "EnhancedTaxInternationalization" page has been changed by jrogelstad:

       . {{attachment:taxRegistration.png}}

      =3D=3D=3D Tax Assignments =3D=3D=3D
    - The tax selections window will be renamed the tax assignments window as p=
    ictured. The tax code column will be removed from this window.
    + The tax selections window will be renamed the tax assignments window as p=

       . {{attachment:taxAssignments.png}}


      =3D=3D=3D Tax Assignment =3D=3D=3D
    - The Tax Selection window will be renamed "Tax Assignment." Multiple tax c=
    odes will be able to be associated with a single tax assignment and will be=
    listed on this window as pictured, however, the combination of tax authori=
    ty and tax type must remain unique. Therefore the screen should work simila=
    r to other windows such as Item Site where if a tax authority and tax type =
    combination are selected that already exist, then the associated records sh=
    ould be automatically loaded.
    + The Tax Selection window will be renamed "Tax Assignment."

    - Tax codes will not be able to be added until both a tax zone and tax type=
    are selected.
    - =

    - The new, edit and delete buttons will affect tax code assignment records =
    that may be edited in the Tax Code Assignment window described below.
    - =

    - The three screen shots pictured demonstrate fictitious examples of three =
    potential tax types based loosely on Indian tax codes.  Note the number of =
    assignable tax codes is flexible also how tax codes and their related class=
    and group sequence assignments are reusable in each context.
    - =

    - '''''Example 1'''''
    - =

    - This tax assignment applies only to "West Bengal" to items associated wit=
    h the tax type "Domestic Food."
    - =

    -  . {{attachment:taxAssignment_domfood.png|taxAssignment.png}}
    - =

    - '''''Example 2'''''
    - =

    - This tax type also applies only to the tax zone "West Bengal" for items a=
    ssociated with the tax type "Imported Food."  Note it is largely the same a=
    s the "Domestic Food" assignment, but it includes additional duty codes.
    - =

    -  . {{attachment:taxAssignment_impfood.png}}
    - =

    - '''''Example 3'''''
    - =

    - This tax that would apply to items that reference tax type "Service".  Be=
    cause the tax zone is "~Any~" this tax assignment would apply to all tax zo=
    nes that do not have another tax zone specifically linked to a tax type.  S=
    o for example two zones, Orissa and Jharkhand, may have specific tax assign=
    ments for services that over-ride this assignment, but this assignment woul=
    d apply to all other tax zones.
    - =

    -  . {{attachment:taxAssignment_service.png}}
    - =

    - =3D=3D=3D Tax Code Assignment =3D=3D=3D
    - The Tax Code assignment window is used to enter specific tax assignment i=
    nformation as pictured:
    - =

    -  . {{attachment:taxCodeAssignment.png}}
    +  . {{attachment:taxAssignment.png}}
    - =

    -  * '''Tax Code''' - User will select from a list of available tax codes. =
    A tax code may only be used one time on a given tax code assignment (tax z=
    one/tax type pair) record.  Required.
    - =

    -  * '''Tax Authority''' - User will select from a list of available tax au=
    thorities. Optional.
    - =

    -  * '''Calculation basis '''- Determines what the tax percentage is calcul=
    ated against.  The default is the "Base Price" of a given amount such as sa=
    les order item extension or misc. debit memo amount.  The combo box will fu=
    rther be populated with all tax codes that have already been assigned.  If =
    a tax code is selected the calculation will be a percentage rate of the amo=
    unt of the code selected (i.e. a tax amount calculated on another tax amoun=
    t). Required.
    - =

    -  * '''Cumulative Tax Code Selections''' - This group allows users to crea=
    te cumulative tax code assignments.  It will only be enabled as an option i=
    f the calculation basis is "Base Price."  All previously assigned tax codes=
    on the given assignent will be listed as available.  When codes are added =
    to the selected list, the percentage will be calculated against the cumulat=
    ive value of the base price and all selected tax codes.

      =3D=3D=3D Tax Authority =3D=3D=3D
      Tax Authority will be reorganized as pictured:
    @@ -527, +492 @@

       * selectuninvoicedshipment

      All functions relating to tax
    + =

       * archivesaleshistory
       * calculatetax
       * changecmheadtaxauth