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      This page contains important information related to xTuple ERP releases. =
    This information is designed for system administrators with responsibility =
    for maintaining and updating xTuple ERP  installations. System administrato=
    rs should check this page regularly for release updates--including informat=
    ion about patches and other critical issues.

      =3D=3D=3D Releases =3D=3D=3D
    +  * 3.2.1
    +   * 321patch1.gz - This patch applies to all xTuple ERP versions.  It fix=
    es a problem with the calculation of the bomlevel by item which could possi=
    bly create issues with mulit level  MRP.
    +    * [[|http://www.xtuple.=
    + =

       * 3.1.0
        * 310patch1.gz - OpenMFG patch required to fix problem with receiving l=
    ot/serial tracked Transfer Order items.
        * std310patch1.gz - Standard Edition patch required to fix problem with=
    receiving lot/serial tracked Transfer Order items.