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Wiki Change:

  • omfgppc

    You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "xTuple" for change =

    The "EnhancedTaxInternationalization" page has been changed by jrogelstad:

      A Tax Zone window will be created to create and edit tax zone records as =
    pictured.  Tax Zones should be unique and blank entries should not be allow=

       . {{attachment:taxZone.png|taxArea.png}}
    + The files should be changed to reference tax zone instead of tax authorit=
    y: configureGL.ui, creditMemo.ui, customer.ui, invoice.ui, itemtax.ui, pros=
    pect.cpp, returnAuthorization.ui, salesOrder.ui, selectOrderForBilling.ui, =
    shipTo.ui,taxBreakdown.ui, transferOrder.ui, vendor.ui, vendorAddress.ui, w=

    - All windows that currently reference tax authority should be changed to r=
    eference tax zone.  The affected windows are: (TBA).
    + The metric for global default tax authority internally stored as "Default=
    TaxAuthority" should be renamed "DefaultTaxZone."  The following files that=
    reference this metric should be changed to accommodate the name chang are =
    configureGL.cpp and warehouse.cpp.

      =3D=3D=3D Tax Classes =3D=3D=3D
      A Tax Class window will be created that lists tax classes.  It will be lo=
    cated in the Accounting > Tax menu.  New and edit buttons will open the Tax=
    Class window in new and edit mode respectively.