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Mac OS X
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    gmoskowitz wrote: jfurc,

    The first two screen shots are manifestations of the same basic problem - there appears to be some corruption in the database system catalogs. This sounds like the PostgreSQL discussion at http://www.mail-archive.com/pgsql-general@postgresql.org/msg111913.html
    which discusses the potential causes of this bug, including roles that might be played by the version of Xcode used to build PostgreSQL, problems with building Mac universal binaries, and versions of the Mac OS.

    The solution is probably to uninstall PostgreSQL (again) and try reinstalling (again) with a [i:9295ce2811]different[/i:9295ce2811] PostgreSQL installer. Please let us know what happens for you, including which PostgreSQL installer you try.

    The third problem is easy to explain - the ALTER USER statement has no user name because the window that is generating the statement has its Username field empty. One could argue that this is a (minor) bug - the window shouldn''t allow saving unless there is something to save.

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