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  • omfgppc

    matherton wrote: There is no report that shows SRNs by WO however there is a way to back into this:

    Use the Detail Inventory History by Lot/Serial # report and enter:

    Lot/Serial: .*   this is a wild card for showing all
    Trans Types: Issues
    Start Date:  use a date that is a day before the Work Order was created
    End Date: use a date that is a day after it was Closed


    click on the Order # column to sort on it.

    Locate your Work Order(s)

    You will now have a list of all Lot/Serial numbers that were issued to Work Orders sorted by WO

    You can export this to a spreadsheet with right click to Export Contents and remove any WOs that do not belong and print. -- Read more at http://www.xtuple.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2015