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  • Posted by:  -- Message: I have scoured Mantis and also the SourceForge (SF) project site looking
    to assemble a list of open feature requests and issues related to
    OpenRPT. (See below.)

    Would be curious to know A) What else should be added? and B) Which
    should be highest priority in your view?


    OpenRPT features/issues:
    \* Add support for columns \(Mantis \#4923; SF: To-Do\)
    \* Print/preview feature \(Mantis \#3387, \#3024; SF \#1276427; SF: To-Do\)
    \* Add X of Y pagination support \(Mantis \#3613\)
    \* Multi-lingual support \(i.e., Locales\) \(SF: To-Do\)
    \* Additional drawing primitives \(e.g., boxes, circles, etc.\) \(SF: To-Do\)
    \* Additional supported databases \(SF: To-Do\)
    \* Ability for OpenRPT to call RPTrender in order to test a report 
    definition for proper results \(SF: To-Do\)
    \* Auto read tables to create SQL and report definition objects \(SF: To-Do\)
    \* Auto create SQL and MetaSQL \(SF: To-Do\)
    \* Visually define table joins \(SF: To-Do\)
    \* text wrap option within Text Area objects... \(SF \#1556118\)
    \* Add support to open files for editing from command line \(SF \#1230590\)
    \* Firebird Support \(SF \#1218569\)
    \* Printing to Multiple Trays \(SF \#1195629\)
    \* native encoding in Report Writer \(SF \#1213385\)
    \* % in SQL statement errors the renderer \(SF \#1637998\)
    \* Hard-code label printer output from certain reports, bypassing printer 
    interface \(Mantis \#3385\)
    \* Add a cross tab object to the report writer \(Mantis \#5013\)
    \* Line Item overflow on checks \(Mantis \#3788\)
    \* Expand custom reporting capability \(Mantis \#4959\)
    \* Custom label sizes not working as expected \(Mantis \#3615\)
    \* Support for color fonts
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