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    Yes, it is possible to send patches. The best way to do this is to create an issue in our issue tracker system, label it a patch submission, and attach the patch to the issue. You can find a link to the issue tracker in the left-hand navigation of our site.

    As far as the French translation goes, this sounds very interesting. I am curious to know your thoughts on how you would approach it. For obvious reasons, we would be most interested in a solution which would make it possible for other translators to also translate into their language.

    If you have looked at our PostBooks product http://sourceforge.net/projects/postbooks, then maybe you have seen how we are using the concept of Locales in the application. A locale links a translation file to a user, so when the user logs into the application s/he sees the text localized for them. We have been generating a .ts file from the PostBooks source code. We then translate the .ts file into target languages using Qt Linguist. Then we use Qt Linguist to convert the .ts to .qm--which PostBooks reads in at run time.

    Currently, OpenRPT doesn''t have a concept of Locales. So, again, I''m curious to hear your ideas on how to approach this.

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