373:373 -- UI changes in OpenMFG 2.x

  • As many of you have noticed, one of the unwelcome side effects of the changes to the API in Qt4 (which we''re seeing for the first time in OpenMFG 2.0) is this business of maximized windows screwing up the column displays.  Specifically, it''s an issue with how the old QListView widget is handled by Qt4. 

    The bad news is, it''s ugly, and a pain in the neck, when you maximize a window and your columns get all out of kilter.  The good news is, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO THE DATA.  It''s just a display artifact.  Moreover, there are two workarounds that can keep it from happening in the first place:

    1) Most of your users are likely configured to \"Show windows inside workspace\" under System / Preferences / Interface Options.  That''s the default behavior, and you didn''t have a choice until 2.0.  If you''d like to keep this behavior (that is, keep one master OpenMFG Client window that all the other windows live inside), then the workaround is ... don''t maximize any of the session windows.  Just resize them by dragging the corners.

    2) Or, if you check \"Show windows as free-floating\" under Interface Options, the problem doesn''t appear to exist at all.  Of course, maximizing a free-floating window will mean it takes up your whole screen (not just the OpenMFG Client window).

    We''ve taken some steps toward improving the situation with a handful of screens in 2.0.1:


    These screens use a new widget called QTreeWidget which sets a fixed width for all but one column, and then allows that one column - usually the long Description - to grow or shrink dynamically.  All the fixed-width columns can be resized too, it''s just a question of how the screen sizes itself after a Minimize/Maximize.

    Before rolling out these changes throughout the application, we wanted to pause and solicit everyone''s feedback about other desirable changes to the UI - particularly in the area of column behavior.

    Here''s my starter list:

    1) Auto-fit columns to content width (partially implemented)
    2) Remember window size and X,Y position on a user by user basis
    3) Remember column widths on a user by user basis

    Note, this is separate from the larger OpenMFG Beautification Project (although there will probably be some overlap).  Let''s try and keep this conversation on the topic of behavior and formatting of individual screens.

    Thanks for your patience and participation as we continue to make OpenMFG better!

    Ned -- Read more at http://www.xtuple.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=373