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Research about open source software

  • Hi! I am Justin Endrijaitis, last year student of master of Information Management in Vilnius University. Currently, I am writing my master work "User-Generated Content: Free and Open source software". To validate my own opinion I need your as open source software experts opinion. I cannot end my master work without this research. Therefore I would be very happy and thankful if you answer the following questions:

    1. How long are you working with open-source software? What have you led to take this activity?

    2. Open-source definition is about its development, licences and their distribution. Why the references about open-source community cooperation and software development process are not included?

    3. Why open-source software is not popular world wide as commercial products? What can you suggest to change this fact?

    4. How open-source community exchange external and internal information? What are the main problems of sharing information about open-source software?

    5. What kind of technologies are used for information exchanging, systems and search engines. How are controlled information management logs in developing open-source software?

    6. Is sharing of information in open-source community safe? Why?

    7. Are you a member of open-source community? What community?

    P.S. : for this research I have only 2 days (starting with today), so I will be very happy if you answer all my questions as soon as possible.

    • Kind Regards,
      Justin Endrijaitis