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Version 1.5.1 Released

PTS-1.5.1 has a plenty of AIO interface test additions and bug-fixes by Sebastien Decugis and Laurent Vivier. Also there are a lot of bug fixes by other people. Thanks to Sebastien Decugis and other people for continued support and contributions.
This release has been tested on glibc-2.3.3 and kernel 2.6.10 with libposix-aio-0.3. The test result for this release can be found here:

Posted by Ling 2005-06-03

Version 1.5.0 Released

A much anticipated release with plenty of interface test additions and bug-fixes. Added AIO test suite by Laurent Vivier. Special thanks to Sebastien Decugis and Ulrich Drepper for continued support and contributions. Also exciting news about OSDL and Bull integrating PTS into OSDL's Scalable Test Platform (STP).

Posted by Rolla Selbak 2005-01-05

Version 1.4.3 released

Here goes posixtest-1.3. Besides many bug fixes, this release includes some pthread test cases (conformance, functional, stress) by Sebastien Decugis and Abhijeet Bisain. Special thanks goes
to people who made contributions. And we are glad that PTS is helping kernel, library and application developers and OSDs on their POSIX related work.

Posted by adam li 2004-07-06

posixtestsuite-1.4.2 release

Posixtestsuite-1.4.2 adds several pthread test cases by Sebastien Decugis <>. Also there are a lot of bug fixes by Ulrich Drepper and other people. This suite has been run on latest glibc and linux kernel 2.6.5. All the failed cases has been analyzed.

Posted by adam li 2004-05-27

Version 1.4.1 Released

posixtestsuite-1.4.1 fixes a bunch of bugs in 1.4.0 version. This release has been tested on glibc-2004-04-29 cvs pull (NPTL enabled) and linux-2.6.5-mm6 kernel.It is noted that "POSIX Message Queues" has been integrated into linux kernel and glibc.

Posted by adam li 2004-05-09

Open POSIX Test Suite version 1.2.0 released

POSIX Test Suite 1.2.0 is a significant release because of its complete threads core conformance tests, timers core conformance tests, complete signals, message queues, and semaphores conformance tests! Also there are added important POSIX functions such as the ones associated with sys/mman.h (thanks to Jerome M.). Bug fixes from previous release as well.

Posted by Rolla Selbak 2003-08-01

Version 0.9.0 Released

The third release of POSIX Test Suite is now available. It contains conformance tests for threads (90% complete - not including tagged or rwlock-related functions), signals (90% complete), semaphores (100% complete), message queues (100% complete) and timers(100% complete- TMR & CS) as well as bug fixes since 0.2.0.

Posted by Rolla Selbak 2003-04-04

Version 0.2.0 Test Pass Data Available

Version 0.2.0 has been run against known Linux POSIX implementations, and the results are available at

Posted by Julie Fleischer 2003-02-25

Version 0.2.0 Released

This is the second release of the POSIX Test Suite, and it contains conformance tests in the signals, semaphores, threads, and timers areas. The signals, semaphores, and threads suites are currently from 50-80% complete, and the timers suite is complete with bug fixes from release 0.1.0. Download the release from the project summary page. The release contains only the completed sections of the test suite. For the latest work in progress, check out the project from CVS.

Posted by Julie Fleischer 2003-02-10

POSIX Timers Test Pass Data Available

Test pass data is now available from running the latest POSIX Timers conformance/interfaces suite against two POSIX Timers implementations: George Anzinger's High Res Timers and Jim Houston's Alternate Timers:

Test pass data is there more to show how data will be output than for the data itself (timers/conformance/interfaces is only a small piece of the eventual full POSIX Timers test suite, which should have functional, stress, and performance tests also).

Posted by Julie Fleischer 2003-01-20

Version 0.1.0 Released

This is the first official release of the test suite, based on completion of conformance tests for POSIX Timers. Download the release from the project summary page. The release contains only the completed sections of the test suite. For the latest work in progress, check out the project from CVS.

Posted by Geoff Gustafson 2002-12-10

Project Kickoff

This project began on October 11, 2002. After some initial development and definition, the project was announced on the linux-kernel mailing list on November 3rd.

Developers are now actively writing conformance tests in Signals, Message Queues, Timers, and will be starting soon in Semaphores. Discussions are underway about further defining the purpose and structure of functional, stress, and conformance/behavior test areas.... read more

Posted by Geoff Gustafson 2002-11-08