update 310->312

  • Hello!
    I am updating version 310 to 312.
    I replaced all files in main directory and launched install script.
    on step 2, error, seems to be an insert and not update in a sql request, could you please correct and upload new version?
    Duplicate entry 'DBTYPE' for key 'PRIMARY'(1062)Duplicate entry 'INSTALLINGPOSHVERSION' for key 'PRIMARY'(1062)
    Duplicate entry 'INSTALLTYPE' for key 'PRIMARY'(1062)Duplicate entry 'INSTALLATIONSTEP' for key 'PRIMARY'(1062)

    I am currently developping a new website based on posh and i ll be happy to share my experience on developping new widgets.

    Merci Eric Mathieu ;)

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  • is there actually someone reading those posts or am i on the wrong category/website?

  • thanks Thibault for the info. I will update the installatipn script for the next release !

  • pk cant wait for the next release

  • ok got the next release, update went well however nothing is displayed when accessing the index of the website... Elements are there when I inspect them but nothing is accessible on the page, any idea?
    thanks for your help!

  • here: js error
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL config.js:4
    Uncaught ReferenceError: __POSHVERSION is not defined ajax_compressed.js?v=3.2.1:1

  • where config.js was my footer that contained a carriage return inside the string which created an error, modified directly inside the database

  • so the second erro comes from the first one.
    I changed the carriage return directly inside the database but does not seem to take it under account when reloading, need to update the cache? how to do that manually without goign through the admin page that does not load also?

  • ok then modified directly in config.js, everything back to normal ! sorry about posts.