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  • Nezetm


    We use Posh as social Netvibes and i try to insert it in the firm. 2 needs appear with the users :

    - First, the most important, they ask me a filter in the standard rss widget. Thus, with keywords, they have only the expected information displayed. Keywords simply connected by a logical OR would enough.
    - 2nd, some of them ask me the possibility to add several rss feeds in 1 widget.

    Could it be considered as a standard in Posh (and perhaps controled in "General configuration of the application") ?

    What do you think ?


  • Hello,

    I think I have already done such a thing. I will check in my archives.

    Meanwhile, here is one way to modify the generic RSS widget :
    1/ create the rss widget
    2/ copy the file /portal/xmlfeeds.php, and rename it /portal/xmlfeeds_filter.php
    3/ in the dir_item table, find the rss widget you created above, and add in the "variables" field : &pwspecif=filter
    4/ modify the SQL query in /portal/xmlfeeds_filter.php to get the data you need


  • Nezetm

    Hello Eric,

    I meet issues on 3/…
    In phpMyAmin, when i modify the rss widget created in dir-item, i don't understand how to add the "variables" field : &pwspecif=filter. Impossible to add a line for inserting a field (!)
    Unfortunately, i won't know how to modify the SQL query in /portal/xmlfeeds_filter.php

    I am too newbie ! I will try to find a "programmer" around me.