#8 patching a function-name in aserve.html

Sean Champ

In the patch attached to this message, there is corrected in aserve.html the name of the function 'make-http-client-request', such that was denoted in the previous version as being named 'make-http-request'.

Additional changes made with this patch:
- the nuke-trailing-whitespace emacs lisp library had trimmed-off some whitespace left at the end of lines, when the patched file was saved; that change is reflected in the patch
- on the function denoted with the name that is corrected with this patch, and on the names of two functions proximous to that one, there are links added, linking into the respective spots in the page where the functions are described

If and while I would happen to have the attention of a developer or an administrator on the portableaserve project, I would like to request if you would consider adding the paserve mailing lists into gmane. I could try to add them, myself, but I consider that it would be better left to your determination.

Should it be to your interest, there is a page at http://www.gmane.org/add.php describing how lists may be added into the gmane list<->nntp gateway service.

GMane presents an impressive means for interfacing with a mailing list, by way of an NTTP/NetNews client. On the NTTP side, the interface supports a very easy means for seaching across and retrieving previous messages to the list that is subscribed into the GMane service.

Thank you


Sean Champ