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#3 Server Push Feature Request (aka Comet, Reverse Ajax)

Server Push (1)

Support for Server Pushes, or in another broad terms as Comet, Reverse Ajax, for the concept of server updating data and sending it to client without client request.
Will it be added to Portable AllegroServe?
Or is it available already, and i don't know?


  • Dave Cooper
    Dave Cooper

    I know portableaserve can do a "keep-alive" connection to the browser -- is that one piece of the puzzle?

  • void

    i don't know, it seems not directly. keep-alive in paserve is by default true. can it be used as a partto implement what i describe?
    description is like that:
    in a javascript one writes a little script which makes a request to a server procedure and gets the response from server procedure without any user events. this.

    once this achieved one can do whatever s/he want with response data with ordinary browser scripting.

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  • void

    moreover, it is a detail that;
    1- the javascript script making requests background periodically to the server, which could be achieved also with ordinary javascripting. this case no additional server support is required.
    2- i think the case here should be that server keeping the record of the client once a connection established by first page's request. later server starts the connection to that client periodically, which can be implemented in lisp with session variable facilities of paserve, and in javascript to place respond data to desired place in page.

    What you think?

    Last edit: void 2013-11-08