The one I really care about is Eclipse Portable.
gluxon seems to have everything worked out.  Lets get some people to
down check it, then let's slide it out the door.
I would like Eclipse not to go out yet due to a fairly major security issue, until we have the universal launcher with support for Subversion password management.  There's an issue with Subversion password saving where it is crucial that we do it the same with all our applications and have them support one another, AND that they be able to cope with the launcher dying and fixing it up on next start - otherwise passwords will be swapped around and that's definitely not a good thing, and local passwords being "lost" (permanently backed up) and future password data loss (moving won't work, etc.).  I don't think John has built that into the launcher yet, I was planning on doing it.  I need the launcher code first though to integrate it.

There's also the code I'd like to check.  It was ugly and bloated when I looked at it sometime early in the 3.4 cycle with a couple of minor bugs too (I trimmed it to something like 30% of the size, enhancing it in the process).  I understand that he's improved it somewhat but that there are still some "best practices" which he hasn't been following.  But if we can wait for the universal launcher (John... could I please have a look at it or could we have a beta or something, pleeeeaase?) then that problem will be out of the way.

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