Poptop-1.1.4 beta2 released

I just uploaded pptpd-1.1.4-b2 to sourceforge.
There's a tarball and a RPM.
I need guinneapigs ;-)

RedHat 7.x
SuSE 8.1
* Mandrake 8.2 (custom patched 2.4.19 kernel, compiled using uClibc 0.9.15)

When installing from source, you'll need to add --with-bcrelay to ./configure

You need to add the option "bcrelay <internal interface>" to /etc/pptpd.conf to make it work.

Broadcast Relay is implemented, so the browselists of LAN-games over PPTP are shown. The Network Neighborhood browselist is somewhat more difficult, need more testing/data for that.
It gets it's outgoing (ppp-)interface by comparing the pppd pid with the contents of /var/run/ppp*.pid, if equal, then it takes the filename till the dot, which is the ppp-interface on Linux.
I have only implemented it for pppd. I don't know SLIRP or BSD userland ppp, so I need people giving me pointers for that.

The proctitle got changed, so it displays the call-id

Killing of pppd (and bcrelay, if enabled) after client disconnect is handled properly now.

TODO before final release of 1.1.4:
IP-pools for different usergroups
Make the logentries more verbose
Fix the ip-up zombie process bug
Better handling of call-id's (Ilguiz Latypov's patch)

Other tasks:
* RPM-package pppd-2.4.2

Also finished:
Initial documentation site (http://poptop.sf.net/ )

Any comments, bugs, or whatever about 1.1.4 (and the documentation site) can be mailed to me.

Happy VPN-ing.....


Posted by Richard de Vroede 2003-02-06