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popper / News: Recent posts

Version 1.41-r2

Popper V1.41-r2 is available as a bug fix for #1066379, removal of 0's (zeros) from email addresses in mail headers.

It is suggested that all users upgrade to this version. A patch to the affected file is available in the source package with instructions in the INSTALL file.

Posted by Roy Adams 2005-02-27

Version 1.41-r1

Version 1.41-r1 has been submitted as a fix for bug #1100222.


Posted by Roy Adams 2005-02-26

Version 1.41

I just released V 1.41. It contains small bug-fixes. See for more details.



Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-24

Version 1.4

I just released Version 1.4.

It contains a bunch of new features...

You can download it here at sourceforge or at



Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-24

Version 1.4b6

Version 1.4b6 is availale on CVS. Also in this release only the german language file contains any changes.

The changes:
- New toolbar which allows to perform actions on selected mails:
* Delete the selected mails
* Add the addresses of the selected mails to the addressbook
* Block the senders of the selected mails

The was, the toolbar looks like (with the radiobuttons) is ugly. But IE has a bad bug which left
me no other coice. IE is not capable to handle <button type="select"> buttons correctly! The sent
data is crap!... read more

Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-17

Version 1.4b5

Version 1.4b5 on CVS.
Only german language file contains all changes...

- You now can sort the columns in the main view (Form, subject, date etc.)
- X-Priority tag supported and shown
- Get all at the beginning of the "Send and receive" list (many request :-)
- The print-view has clickable hyperlinks and shows the name and type of the attachments
- Attention! Mails stored in a previous version won't show the from part in the main view
I will write an update script to fix that!!!
- The usual bug-fixes :-)

Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-16

Version 1.4b3 for download

You also can download it now (

This is a test version and not all features will work as expected... :-)


Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-14

Version 1.4b3

You can fetch version 1.4b3 via CVS.

It contains some nifty new featuers:

- Russian language file added. They don't work yet :-(
The charset has to be choosen manually in the browser for a correct display.
- Message-Disposition-Notification (MDN) added. You can request read notification for outging
- Detection of priority status
- Show read, unread, replied, forwarded mail-status
- You can send MDNs for mails that request this
- Request a read notification for sent mails
- Small bug-fixes

Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-14

Version 1.32


- PHP versions >= 4.0.3 were not able to send attachments. Fixed! (thanks to Kai Brandt)
- More MIME-types are recognized and displayed with the correct icon
- Norwegian language file added (thanx to Stian Lindhom for the translation)
- Calendar "localized"
- Date/Time localized
- Grrr. update131.mysql was missing :-(

Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-14

Version 1.31

Bug fixes.

Create new user bug fixed.
New option in which allows to switch off the confirmation of new users.

Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-11

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 was just released. It contains a lot of new features and improvements as well as bug-fixes.

New features:
- Delete all mails in folder
- Delete selected mails from main view
- Better deletion handling
- Language support (currently English and German)

Have a look at the changes:

Posted by Jean-Pierre Bergamin 2001-02-08