#33 ClipperLib::ctDifference wrong result

Angus Johnson

A situation where I get 1 polygon too much returned after a ctDifference operation.
As screenshot: http://www.michaelzeilfelder.de/Pics/Screenshots/SS-2012.03.02-20.30.59.png
Green is the ptSubject polygon.
The 2 red polygons are ptClip.
The 2 blue polygons are the results.
One of the blue polygons is now over a red one which shouldn't be if I understand ctDifference correctly (I hope so).

Code to reproduce:
ClipperLib::Clipper clipper;
ClipperLib::Polygon sub;
sub.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(-102, 1061) );
sub.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(-102, -1061) );
sub.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(102, -1061) );
sub.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(102, 1061) );
clipper.AddPolygon(sub, ClipperLib::ptSubject);

ClipperLib::Polygon clip1;
clip1.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(-102, 313) );
clip1.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(28, 313) );
clip1.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(28, 555) );
clip1.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(-102, 555) );
clipper.AddPolygon(clip1, ClipperLib::ptClip);

ClipperLib::Polygon clip2;
clip2.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(-102, 313) );
clip2.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(-102, -1061) );
clip2.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(102, -1061) );
clip2.push_back( ClipperLib::IntPoint(102, 313) );
clipper.AddPolygon(clip2, ClipperLib::ptClip);

ClipperLib::Polygons out_polys;
clipper.Execute(ClipperLib::ctDifference, out_polys);

P.S. Thanks for the incredible quick reaction on my last bug report :-)


  • Angus Johnson
    Angus Johnson

    Thanks. Another bug verified and the fix is about to be uploaded.
    Here's the patch in the meantime ...

    At line 374 in Orientation() Clipper.cpp ...

    outRec->bottomPt = opBottom;
    op = opBottom; //this assignment was missing!!

    P.S. Thanks for the incredible quick reaction on my last bug report :-)



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