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pointless / News: Recent posts

Pointless meeting at LinuxForum in Copenhagen, Denmark

We would like to meet pointless users at the upcoming
Linux conference (http://www.linuxforum.dk) in Copenhagen, Denmark on 6th march 2004. If you plan to attend and would like to talk about pointless development, please send mail to our list (pointless-devel(a)lists(d)sourceforge(d)net) or to one of the project maintainers.

Posted by Peter Andreasen 2004-02-01

pointless 0.5 released

This release contains a large number of fixes (including fixes for a few crashbugs and for serious problems with fullscreen support). A number of new features has been added as well: tables, scaling of pll-embedded content (like LaTeX or Metapost), pll-to-tgz packing etc. It should also be mentioned that pointless no longer uses python embedded but has become a plain python extension. Finally pointless now uses far less memory and cpu cycles.

Posted by Jacob Weismann 2004-01-27

pointless 0.4 released

This release is mainly a bug-fix and clean-up release but a
few new features have also been added: The Pll language
now supports plain background images (not stretched or tiled)
as well as images with a fixed position. Customization support
has been added to some pll commands. As to the portability of
pointless, the Mac OS port appears to work smoothly by now.
Moreover, the SDL variant of pointless has been updated to
reflect most of the features in the X11 variant. Finally, the
manual has been updated to reflect all new features.

Posted by Jacob Weismann 2003-08-02

pointless 0.3 released

The major improvement since 0.2 is an introduction of full-screen support. Poinless now ships with full-screen support (interactive switch to full-screen as well as a commandline option). For X11 installations with XVidMode support, there is support for resolution selection (interactive as well as on the commandline). The Pll language now has
support for stretchable and tileable backgrounds. Moreover, there is support for inclusion of metapost, gnuplot and source code. Finally, quite a few bugs have been fixed (but new ones have probably been introduced as well :)). Please consult the Changelog file for a complete list of changes.

Posted by Jacob Weismann 2003-04-14

Pointless version 0.2 released

Pointless is a WYWIWYG (What you write is what you get)
alternative to PowerPoint and similar applications.
Presentations are created in a simple mark-up language and
rendered using OpenGL and FreeType for optimal visual
quality. Release 0.2 is the first publicly announced release
and supports Truetype fonts, bitmaps (PNG format), vector
graphics (Encapsulated PostScript) and LaTeX formulas.

Posted by Jacob Weismann 2003-03-17