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First alpha release

A first release of POggPl is available for download in the files section! Unfortunately, there are still a few problems with it: on Clie handhelds only the current Sound API from Sony with very poor quality can be used, and I dont have a Palm PDA to test if the PalmOS Sound API playback is working...

So if you have one - please try if it works, and tell me so I can correct the bugs. It should work on all moderns PDA's with ARM processor and sampled sound output like Zire71 and Tungsten machines. Thanks a lot, have fun!

Posted by Nils Thurey 2003-09-03

First homepage up and running

There's not much to see right now (except for the POggPl logo, well, that's at least something :), but hopefully I will be able to release a first alpha version in the next days...

Posted by Nils Thurey 2003-08-20