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#7 scoring system



My name is David Hennessy. I was in contact with you
some months ago, thanking you for the work you have all
completed on Poesia. As previously stated we are
developing open source parental control software. Your
project and documentation has been extremely valuable
to us. We are a small group of people looking to
achieve the same goal as poesia. We hope to have a beta
release before the end of august and I hope that we can
contribute to filtration techniques and free software
for End users across the EU.

We have come across the following hitch. We wish to
implement a decisor into a java-based proxy. We denote
the decisor as follows:
1.1.1 Decisor
The Decisor will use an algorithm according to the
Bayesian Decision Theory to calculate the probability
that the content is safe. Weka, an open source library
for machine learning algorithms, will be used. This
library can be found at

We understand the concept and are confident in the
development. We do not understand how to interpret the
scores. Your scoring system seemed to produce
excellent results and we would hope to have similar. Do
you have any documentation that might help us interpret
the scores from the Poesia filters? We cannot think of
anything short of debugging the poesia code to get an

Your help would be much appreciated on this .


David Hennessy