Dear All,

I hope you are fine,
I received this request, who is interesting to continue with us this work,


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Objet: RE: FW: Please answer as soon as posible
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 11:50:55 +0300
De: "Laurynas Pacenka" <>
A: "'Mohamed Daoudi'" <>

Dear Mohamed,

so that we need is lithuanian filter. So we doní«t have now programmers what could work with you on creating Lithuanian filter. So what we offer is : we will provide you all Lithuanian information what you will need, and your people will create (or modify) software for lithuanian filter. Of course we will pay you for this work.

So what we need to know now is how much we must to pay for you for your work on creating Lithuanian filter.

If you could calculate this and send tis information for us, it could very help us. And i really need to get your proposal till tomorow.


Hoping to hear from you soon





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Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 11:20 AM
To: Laurynas Pacenka
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Dear Lauynas,

Sorry for this delay, I was out my office !!

I will be happy if  we can together propose a projet concerning web filtering. However, it is not so clear for our participation in this project.

Poesia is an open source project, and it is modular architecture so it is easy to added a new filter.

The second thing it is that  we are not an  expert on lituanian language.

Best regards

Laurynas Pacenka wrote:

I hope you receive this email. If you have received my previous emails I
apologise for sending them again but I am not sure if you get my emails
or not. If you could please confirm receipt I would be grateful.


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Sent: Monday, May 10, 2004 9:48 AM
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Subject: Please answer as soon as posible
Importance: High

Hello Dr. M. Daoudi,

I still have not become your answer concerning prices for making
lithuanian version of product. Please answer as soon as possible,
becouse I have only 5 days to make proposal.

3)       we need what this software could filter lithunian text (for
example "sex" in lithuanian language is "seksas") ( think too that it
must be done by you, but we will help you)
It is exactly what we did in Poesia with spanish, italian and english.
Have you in your institute some expert on Text processing ?

We have two or three people what could work on Text processing. But if
we win this tender we will need to do all translations and other works
only in 3 months, so I am afraid what they will be very busy. So I think
tat this work must be done by you, of course we will help you in giving
phrases in lithuanian languages.

Laurynas Pacenka