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poeb / News: Recent posts

IRC channel.

Well, being that this project is an IRC related thing, it would only make sense to have an IRC Channel for testing, and a meeting place. I've set up a channel on irc.slashnet.org, channel name #poeb. I invite anyone to stop in, I should be there, and the most stable release of poeb should be there as well.


Posted by Ben 2003-08-07

Okay, I'm back.

Looks like we're not going anywhere, so I'm going to try and breathe some life into this. Please, check out the code I will be putting on cvs and releasing files for in the next few day's.



Posted by Ben 2003-07-29

New Project Manager..

I'd like to introduce Brandon, he will be taking over thr project as I simply don't have time to work on it. There are many improvements that I'm sure he will bring to the project.. I look forward to seeing these future developments.

Posted by Ben 2003-02-25

Get your copy of poeb 0.3.4!

See the changelog here: http://perlb.dsirc.net/index.pl?action=change for a list of enhancements!

Posted by Ben 2002-11-26

Name Change?

I am considering changing the name of the bot to peggy, as "poeb" is kind of vauge. Peggy seems to hit the name nail on the head as it stands for "Perl Eggdrop". Let me know what you think!

Posted by Ben 2002-11-03

poeb v0.3.3 is out!

This is the first stable release. Added seen function, in addition to small bug fixes over 0.3.2.


Posted by Ben 2002-10-30

Poeb is live!

The need for a good IRC bot written in perl has been duely noted, and perlb is the response.

This bot relies on specific Perl Modules available from http://search.cpan.org POE::Component::IRC as a backbone for interaction with the IRC server, Proc::Deamon to manage the Daemon process, WWW::Search::Google for the google functionality, and Config::General for parsing the config file.

Features are constantly being added and bot is enhanced almost daily! Please keep an eye on the releases!

Posted by Ben 2002-10-24