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PodHawk 1_7 released

PodHawk 1_7 was released today. This CMS for podcasters now has a plugins architecture and improved security (no need for any folders with 0777 permissions!) It supports the latest version of the JW Player, and boasts FaceBook and Twitter integration.

Posted by Peter Carter 2010-09-03

PodHawk 1.5 released

PodHawk 1.5 cms for podcasting is now available for download. The new release incorporates some important security enhancements.

Posted by Peter Carter 2009-11-20

PodHawk 1.4 released

Version 1.4 of the PodHawk CMS for podcasters was released today. The web-page templates have been completely rewritten in modular form for easy editing; and language support for web-pages, and three new templates, have been added.

Posted by Peter Carter 2009-06-29

PodHawk 1.3

PodHawk 1.3 was released today, 22 April. PodHawk is a cms for podcasters. The new release contains full support for the JW FLV player.

Posted by Peter Carter 2009-04-22

PodHawk 1.2

PodHawk 1.2 was released today. PodHawk is a cms for audio and video podcasters.

The new release contains:
- better integration of CGI uploading
- integration of the Tiny MCE editor for editing postings
- improved BBCode option for editing postings
- support for Postgres8 (PodHawk already supports MySQL and SQLite).

Posted by Peter Carter 2009-03-26

PodHawk 1.1

PodHawk 1.1 was released today. PodHawk is a light-weight content management system for audio and video podcasters.
The new PodHawk release contains a number of bug fixes, and incorporates support for CGI file uploading using Upload Lite.

Posted by Peter Carter 2009-02-10