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PoCoMy 0.9.2 released

Fast Bugfix
A new release incl. new features comming soon ...

Posted by Klaus Zerwes zero-sys.net 2007-09-25

PoCoMy 0.9.1

New release including a serious bug fix. Please update!

Posted by Klaus Zerwes zero-sys.net 2007-07-20

version 0.9.0 released

Minor improvements and Bugfixes:

FIXED: domain syntax check;
projectname now visible on loginpage;
HowTo completed;
new versioning scheme: three numbers, separated by periods major.minor.revision;

Posted by Klaus Zerwes zero-sys.net 2007-06-04

version 0.8 released!

New release including several bug fixes, minor enhancements and: a complete HowTo in english and german!

FIXED: admin-module: lang of admin default lang for new users
FIXED: admin-module: create user: users lang overwrites admins lang
FIXED: admin-module: default for allow-weblogin for user changed to TRUE
FIXED: user-module: eloquent message if disabled
FIXED: user-module: lang problem on login
FIXED: user-module: lang changes are now direct visible
FIXED: user-module: warning if user deactivates himself
FIXED: password changing for admins without SUPRADMIN privileges!
FIXED: rights on domains in alias-form (DOMAINADMIN)
FIXED: search

Posted by Klaus Zerwes zero-sys.net 2007-05-30

version 0.7 released

including minor bugfixes

Posted by Klaus Zerwes zero-sys.net 2007-04-23

Version 0.6 released

New release: version 0.6 including bugfixes and some enhancements.

Posted by Klaus Zerwes zero-sys.net 2007-04-19