Building the static libs is pretty easy....

I can help if you are using Windows (no experience with compiling on other platforms).

You will need to slightly modify the provided "build_vs80.cmd" script provided in the source distribution.  For each Poco module you will need to add two lines (total of four build commands each).


cd CppUnit
devenv /useenv /rebuild debug_shared CppUnit_vs80.sln
devenv /useenv /rebuild release_shared CppUnit_vs80.sln
devenv /useenv /rebuild debug_static CppUnit_vs80.sln
devenv /useenv /rebuild release_static CppUnit_vs80.sln

The two lines for debug_static and release_static have been added.  Make similar changes for the other modules.

If you have already compiled your shared builds, you could comment out those lines, or leave them and just re-build them.

Running build_vs80.cmd script from the Visual Studio 2005 command prompt will build your libraries (remember to have Poco in a directory path with no spaces, or the string resource builder will fail).

You will also need to add the preprocessor definition POCO_STATIC to your project.

I think that was everything I needed to do.  The good part is the static projects are included in the latest Poco release, they simply aren't built by default.


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is it possible to use POCO as a static lib?
Actually the feature set (Poco::SharedLibrary & Poco::ClassLoader) we are planning to use is quite tiny. If yes how to achieve that goal?

Thanks & regards

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