Anyone aware if there is some way to automatically sync a fork I made on github before from the svn, to this new github repository? Preferably keeping my history?

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 6:31 PM, GŁnter Obiltschnig <> wrote:

I have created a POCO repository on GitHub. It's at <>.
We'll use this branching model: <>.
develop branch is already there. master corresponds to 1.5.0 release.
Older releases starting with 1.1.2 are available as branches in case anyone needs it.

For reference, I imported the SourceForge SVN repository with:

svn2git --exclude trunk-1.1 --exclude trunk-1.2 --exclude articles --trunk trunk --branches branches --notags --authors ~/pocosvnusers.txt --no-minimize-url -v

cleaned up some branches,
created the develop branch,
and pushed it to GitHub.

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