On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 5:41 AM, Wong Peter <peterapiit@gmail.com> wrote:

1. AFAIK, after we have adapt the type handler then it is not required to use the multiple use or into in the sql statement. Is this true ?

That is correct. Type handler handles multiple fields. You can also mix type handlers and POD types.
Moreover, for every table in database, we required to code the type handler. Is it true ? 

No. You can use:

- Poco::Data::RecordSet for out-of-the-box dynamic type detection 
- Poco::Tuple (use container of tuples for multiple rows)

Use Tuple if performance is concern (RecordSet will be slower due to its dynamic nature). 

Here are examples on how to do it:


2. Does poco data sqlite3 supports backup operation and begin, commit and rollback transaction ?

Not in 1.3.7 - you depend on sqlite transaction engine and there is no Poco support for it - that will come when trunk code is released: