On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 12:58 PM, Igor Mironchick <imironchik@intervale.ru> wrote:

I'm trying to execute stored procedure which need some time to be
executed. Like this:

Poco::Data::Session session(...);
session << "EXECUTE myStoredProcedure;"
   ,   Poco::Data::now;

Stored procedure "myStoredProcedure" must to be executed much more than
3 seconds!!! A few minutes I think.

But this code always finished in 3 seconds. It seems to be timeout
restriction for the execution statements? Am I right? And how can I to
turn off it?

The only way I'd be able to explain this behavior as Poco::Data feature would be if you were executing asynchronously - i.e. using 'async' keyword or calling setAync(true) on the statement, in which case statement execution is internally launched in separate thread and, later on you must call wait() on statement to ensure completion.

But, with the above ruled out, I have no POCO-related explanation. I'd look into driver behavior and what really happens in the stored procedure itself.



Igor Mironchick,

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