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Qtek 9100

  • Hi

    I tried to install pocketuae on my qtek 9100 and also MechForce (the best game ever) but I cant get it to run. I use the quicklaunch and it gets to the welcome screen with the colored checkbox logo and the insert disk animation. I get keyboard that pops up when i tap some of the buttons but it only displays the the top of the keyboard, the F buttons and I cant get anywhere from here (have to reset the qtek). Any ideas how to fix this? I tried to run in 640 mode but then the qtek freaked out completely (strange graphics and noise)

    • Ok, I got it to run, but I only get to the amiga dos prompt. I too old to remember how to go from here. Do I need to install workbench seperatly ? Or should I be able to boot the game directly?

    • i got qtek 9100 as well. could you give me some more info on how you got it working?