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Pocket Graphics / News: Recent posts

Clipping error corrected.

There was an error blitting when the source surface was larger than the target surface. This has been corrected and committed to the SVN repository.

Posted by Todd Lang 2006-10-12

Beta 3 Released

Well, yes, I skipped a beta version, but it didn't pass my own internal tests and coding had moved on, so I'm calling this next release Beta 3.

The problems under CF1 have been fixed. All of the files needed in the distribution should be in the appropriate zips this time.

The Binary distribution includes both the CF1 and CF2 versions of the assembly.

As always, the latest and greatest code is available from the Subversion repository.

Posted by Todd Lang 2006-10-11

Hardware key support comes to CF1 version.

Support for detecting hardware keys has been added to the Compact Framework 1.0 version. You can get this code from the subversion repository currently.

Posted by Todd Lang 2006-08-23

First beta of "Whisper" released.

The first beta of the "Whisper" release is now available.

This release includes:
Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005
Orientation support
GAPI/GetRawFramebuffer support
Hardware key support in Visual Studio 2005
Colour-keyed and opaque blitting
Circle, line, filled and outline rectangle primitives
Bitmap loading for surfaces
Gui manager including forms, buttons and labels.

Posted by Todd Lang 2006-08-22