How to install

  • Marten Renkema
    Marten Renkema

    Thanks, this is great! I use the freemind a lot on the PC.

    Maybe a very silly question, how to install this application on a IPAQ HX4700 ?
    Maybe I should look in the IPAQ manual....


    • Peter Carroll
      Peter Carroll

      First you need to install the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 on your device. Then copy the cab file using activesync to your device and open it. It should install from there.

    • Franck

      I try to install on IPAQ 2709...
      I have an error message on the PDA : The file ... is not a valid Windows CE installation file..

      I don't what is the problem

    • Joerg Tretter
      Joerg Tretter

      I have the same message on a Dell Axim X30,
      It's running Windwos Mobile 2003 Second Edition (version 4.21.1088 Build 14049)

      Did anybody find a sloution already?

    • Same problem on Dell Axim X3i.

      WM 2003 (version 4.20.0 Build 13349)

    • runals

      I have the same problem on Ipaq 2210. What am I doing wrong? I notice the messages are about 2 months old. Is anyone monitoring this forum?

    • Peter Carroll
      Peter Carroll

      Apologies for the late reply, my day job has kept me busy. I found that changing some options on the installer allows it to be install on Windows Mobile 2003 devices. I have uploaded a new 0.1.1 release, which is exactly the same as 0.1 except with the new install file.