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Update with icons and physical style

  • Hafiz Pariabi
    Hafiz Pariabi

    Hi All,

    I have updated the code to support physical style and icons (icon support currently read-only). Take a look at screenshot here :

    I have contacted kledge (the project admin) on committing this changes but no reply yet within 24 hours so far. I'd really like to get this committed asap since I am not used to work with code hanging around uncommitted for longer than 1 or 2 days. Can anybody get kledge notified about this somehow?.

    Also, if there's info for uploading binary to public server in the meantime, just in case anybody interested, I'll upload the compiled binary.

    • Cool, can you please send me your version ?

      Is there a way to support the freemind notes field ? i use this field very often in freemind, and it would be great when i can use it on my xda neo to....