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Hi gang.

This is a new version of PocketDigi. The main highlight is MFSK16 modem. The implementation is pretty efficient, it generates a CPU load comparable to the PSK31 decoder. The decoder is about 1dB worse than Nino's Stream in white noise. All the calculations done in fixed point arithmetics. I hope to get reports on the usability of it.

I know there are lot of things to improve. The winters are long and cold, improvements are to be expected until spring. There will be a gathering of OK-QRP club on 17. November. I hope to manage to presuade some colleges to build a small digital QRP TRX as a companion to PocketDigi. DDS driven MFSK16 transceiver with E-class PA would be a perfect QRP solution and the TRX may not be bigger than my iPaq.

Excerpt from ChangeLog:

- Initial MFSK16 implementation. Tuning arrow shall be pointed to the idle (zero) tone.
- Fixed QPSK31 decoder
- Added squelch to PSK and MFSK16 modes
- All whitespaces of a macro line will be ignored if the macro stays alone on a line
- Bugfix - enters are not duplicated in the RX window anymore
- Added logging to a file. Stored to My Documents\PocketDigi\ChannelXX.log per every channel.
- Clean up of layout on the desktop build.
- Bugfix - waterfall will be resized correctly while changing between portrait and landscape.
- Added left/right buttons to the waterfall. Tapping them is easier than dragging the ruler.
- More precise fixed point logarithm for waterfall.

73, Vojtech OK1IAK

Posted by Vojtech Bubnik OK1IAK 2006-11-05