Audio-in, out on a HP 1940

  • Hi! Have a litte audio-in-out problem here…

    I´m trying to separate the audio-in and out on the 2.5mm 4-connector teleplug on my HP 1940 iPAQ. Recording works well with PocketDigi (except that the built in-mic is still working at the same time). But the real problem is that after TX, the pocket-pc doesn´t automatically switch back to audio-in (mic).

    So I´ve tried to build a small box with a switch on it, to manually switch back to audio-in. I can´t find wich of the 4 connectors to switch on and off, to trigger audio-in. If I unplug the 2.5mm teleplug and then plug it in again, it works fine and signals starts showing up on the waterfall.

    It´s a real neat program by the way - not to talk about the relief of not having to carry around a heavy laptop with extra batteries in my backpack (along with radio, battery, tuner, antenna and so on…)

    73 de SA7ARV